Benedict Cumberbatch is an English actor's elegance

Звездная одежда

17.10.18 13:34

Probably, we all know Benedict Cumberbatch from the role in the new series "Sherlock". In this film, we would describe him as "an elegant sociopath." He played the role of Sherlock Holmes wonderfully, breathed into modern classical modernity. His image was stylish and courageous - no extra elements, rigor and quality.
Benedict himself grew up in the family of actors, so it's not surprising why he became an actor. By the way, he is the descendant of King Edward III of the Plantagenet dynasty.
Black tuxedos, classic lacquered shoes, suspenders, white shirts, and more are all about Benedict, it's his clothes, his style. Sports baseball cap, shorts are not all for him. The actor prefers restraint both on the red carpet and in everyday life - no vulgar and causing images. Cumberbatch likes to wear all kinds of scarves and caps. He prefers copp caps and checkered eight clicks - the old school feels.
Of course, sometimes even the most beloved images can get bored, so an actor like Benedict Cumberbatch has the right to appear in rubber slippers, shorts and a jacket in one set. Not on the red same path in such a walk. This is all about the actor's everyday clothes.
Usually Benedict prefers to go out in costumes from Dolce & Gabbana or from Spencer Hart. Cumberbatch loves Oxford and Kids alike and even can afford to wear Adidas Stan Smith with a suit.
As a real Englishman, Camberbatch does not take away aristocracy. He does not report on his engagement with Sophie Hunter, not through the media, but through a humble announcement in the Times newspaper ("The engagement between Benedict, Wanda's son Timothy Cumberbatchy of London and Sophie, daughter of Catherine Hunter of Edinburgh and Charles Hunter of London") .