Hipsters in USSR?

Модные тренды

07.01.19 14:25

Dandies - this term originated in the late 1940s in the USSR. In the postwar period, the USSR began to increase international contacts, respectively, there were diplomatic workers who lived in another country, with a different culture and reality. This produced a real “boom” in the culture of the younger generation. In addition, people returning from Western Europe brought with them a huge amount of clothing, shoes, jewelry and fashion magazines. These items, which had gone out of fashion abroad, became the basis for the creation of the wardrobe “from the people”.

Of course, young people who fit the style of a dude were condemned and subjected to enormous criticism: “they are ridiculously dressed up like clowns; in motley outfits, like parrots ”- approximately such expressions of ordinary citizens were heard by dudes.

In addition to things, foreign records with jazz compositions and hitherto unknown dances became popular in the USSR.

In the first years of its existence, the image of the dudes was ridiculous: wide, bright pants, a baggy jacket, a hat with a wide brim, bright colors of socks, and a wide tie.

But, as a result, the appearance of the dudes has undergone great changes: trousers-pipes, a whipped “cook” on the head, an elegant jacket with wide shoulders, a narrow tie that was tied into a tiny knot and an umbrella-cane appeared. The sweaters “with deer” were considered to be relevant for the fashionista. Low-heeled shoes on a thick white rubber sole were welcomed as shoes in the style of the skinny.

For a girl to be a style, she was bright enough to wear and wear her hair “the corolla of the world” (her hair was curled around her head and placed in a crown shape). “Special chic” was considered to be narrow skirts, which covered the hips.

So the image of the dudes went from shocking to elegance.