Cherry Tomato – most "tomato" color

Азбука цветов

22.10.18 11:42

PANTONE 17-1563 Cherry Tomato is something appetizing and warm. This red shade is not annoying, but quite the opposite - it warms and energizes. If you dress outfit in this color - all the attention will be riveted to you.
It was not for nothing that it was named after small ripened tomatoes - cherry tomatoes. They combine shades of red and orange.
Frequently, this shade is used as a base in the image - it is moderately bright, not catchy and not annoying. Best of all, Cherry Tomato is combined, of course, with white and black - it will be just without a losing option. Also, it will be well combined with purple hues - you can choose a purple T-shirt and a jacket in the color of Cherry Tomato. Other pastel shades of colors are also suitable for it - you need not to be afraid to experiment.
This color can be used as an emphasis on anything: a handbag, T-shirt, accessories, shoes, hat or other wardrobe items. Such a combination will not leave anyone indifferent.
It is a delicious shade of red with a light orange subtone that is simply filled with warmth and energy. Such a calm shade of red will be most welcome in the kitchen, where it will create a cozy atmosphere of hospitality, charging with positive energy from early morning until late evening. If you like the red color and you are a natural leader, then feel free to use the shade of Cherry Tomato in the interior of the kitchen.
Color values:
RGB: 227 65 50
HEX / HTML: E34132