Victorian style and Arthur Conan Doyle

Стили одежды

05.01.19 14:25

Why precisely he, Arthur Conan Doyle? This is the man who created the unique literary character Sherlock Holmes. Arthur Conan Doyle - English writer with Irish roots, has a medical degree. It is books about Sherlock Holmes that make us think not only about “what the Baskervilles dog is”, but also about how people lived in those times, what they did, how they dressed. Do you already hear this motive from the Holmes film?

Like the life of Arthur Conan Doyle, so are the events that unfold in the books about Sherlock - this is the period of the XIX century and the time of Victorian fashion. The name is associated with the reign of Queen Victoria (1837–1901) in these times. During this period, a tuxedo was conceived of what is now considered a “classic”.

The society is becoming dynamic - more democratic dresses and suits are becoming fashionable. France, as before, remains one of the trendsetters. Women are increasingly wearing dresses in the Empire style - deeply décolleté, with a very high waistline and short sleeves "flashlight". The fabric was chosen thin, airy. But the climate of some countries makes its own adjustments and dresses in the Empire style with long sleeves appear, the neckline decreases. More dense and heavy fabrics are used - velvet, silk.

Modern clothing is significantly different from the original outfits in the Victorian style. But the most popular outfit in this style is a wedding dress and, notice, it will not look like “grandma's”.

The classic wedding dress with its style repeats the original robe of the Victorian style. "Inverted glass" today is almost the main silhouette of a wedding dress.

The corset helps to hide the existing figure flaws, and the full skirt itself will hide full hips or excessively thin legs.

Also, Victorian style includes a lot of accessories and lush hairstyles - which will be useful for a wedding.