Shoppig therapy


10.01.19 14:25

Shopping affects people differently: makes them feel happy, improves mood and vice versa, adds fatigue, etc. Visiting clothing stores have different effects on women and men, the first can spend several hours there, the second will choose the very first sweater on a hanger. With the shops of technology is the opposite - women and men change roles.

Amanda Ford in one of her books says that “you can buy a good mood,” that is, shopping trips will be much cheaper than an experienced psychoanalyst.

So what do we get from shopping? Firstly, it will be uplifted by purchased things and, of course, an unmatched feeling of expectation tomorrow - when it will finally be possible to see new things in the world. Secondly, communication is an important aspect of every person’s life. Thirdly, a good time (of course, provided that, if you plan everything correctly).

Online shopping - life-saving and time-saving shopping. You can at home, lying on the couch, browse clothing catalogs and buy what you like. There are a huge number of clothing catalogs - for everyone there is what he is looking for.

“Shopping therapy is a beneficial effect on the female psyche and on the overall tone of the female body” - guess who proved it? Of course, English scientists. The latest observations show that girls who spend more than 17 hours a week in shopping centers, while spending over $ 200, look slimmer, more beautiful and always in a good mood. Who knows, maybe scientists are right.

But, those who want to save money can also use shopping therapy to lift their spirits. To do this, it will be enough to go through all the possible sales.

Remember that shopping should always be properly planned, and be limited by the budget - otherwise spending all the money will ruin the mood not only for yourself, but also for your soulmate.