InFitting will help create the perfect wardrobe

Как одеваться

22.01.19 11:42

Every morning, do you spend time trying to pick out your clothes? InFitting will help create the perfect wardrobe. Use our tips to save your time and always look great.

A wardrobe begins from a purchase - this stage is the most enjoyable and tedious. Do not come to this stage with great enthusiasm - you can already get tired in the first two stores and spend all your money, everything should be in moderation. Make yourself a list of desired things, look at something on the Internet: how it looks on other people, how much it costs, where to buy. We advise you to try InFitting - there you can save all your ideas and desires.

Set yourself a goal - turn your wardrobe into a corner of inspiration. So buy only those things that you like 100%. You will understand this right away, the thought “it’s definitely for me” should appear in your head.

Get organized in your wardrobe, and most importantly, create your own “concept” of style, your own taste should be above fashion. Understand yourself: what is your lifestyle, what places do you visit the most, what do you like and so on. Answers to these questions will help you to understand what kind of style prevails for you and what you lack in it. Create your personal lookbook with InFitting and do not worry that you have nothing to wear.

Create a capsular wardrobe - this is when you use the least amount of things to create the maximum number of images. Thus, the wardrobe may consist of several capsules: for work, recreation, sports, parties, city walks, and so on. Keep all the capsules in the InFitting application and do not forget which images you have selected.

The perfect wardrobe is one that fits you and your lifestyle first. Create your own unique look with InFitting and build your wardrobe around it.