How to choose a casual jacket

Как одеваться

12.01.19 14:25

Stylish, elegant and solid - all this can be said about a man in a jacket. But, for a great deal of pity, for most men a jacket is associated with an uncomfortable suit that holds down all movements. In fact, they did not wear a jacket, which sits correctly on them - this is the key to success when choosing a jacket.

How should a jacket sit? The collar should fit tightly to the neck, there should be no grooves and bends on the top of the sleeve. When buttoning buttons do not have to form folds and excessive tension of the fabric - this is an indication that the jacket is too small for you. A well-fitting jacket should be free from problems in the waist, shoulders and under the collar - there should be no folds and tensions, everything should look clear and even. Look carefully, on the wrong stitched sleeve, you can see "wrinkles" - on a properly sitting jacket this should not be. A well-fitted jacket has slots that should fit to the body.

A little bit about what should be everyday jackets. Medium length, slightly below the belt - this is usually the jacket, which can be worn under jeans or other trousers than the classical ones. There are also longer jackets - how they suit you depends on your height. Jackets with one button are best suited for parties and nightclubs - for frequent, they are too fitted. Two buttons - the most conservative model, which appeared in the wardrobe of bank employees in the second half of the last century in the United States of America (in the presence of a superior, a person or woman superior), the top button should always be buttoned as a sign of respect and tolerance; with friends in a bar you can zip up).

When choosing a ready-made jacket or suit in the store, and choosing the most suitable size, do not be lazy and try on one or two more copies of the same size. They will sit in different ways, if you can’t buy a jacket ready for yourself - then a visit to the studio, unfortunately, cannot be avoided.