All about office style

Как одеваться

20.01.19 11:41

Now work takes more than half time in our lives, it is an integral part of every person. And it does not matter - you are the owner of your own business, or hold any position in an already formed company. You must interact, manage, make decisions, delve into, compete and achieve results. Confidence is what each of us needs, it is self-confident people who can reach great heights. You can be more confident if you look beautiful and stylish.


When drawing up a business image, the most important thing is to prevent mistakes that will spoil the image. Classic, rigor and harmony. This is all nomination. The most important rules of office style:

Sexuality is excluded and leave for the weekend. Shorts, skirts above the knees, short dresses and tops - not the best option for the office.

The color palette should not be too bright. If you want to include in the image bright colors - yellow, red, green - choose their muted shades (several shades lighter than the classics).

Pay attention to elegance. No frills, classic clothes, clear lines, a minimum of decor.

Quality materials. Want to be successful - start looking successful. Fill your wardrobe with a small amount of quality items. Cheapness does not paint anyone.

Convenience. At work, we spend most of the time. In order to feel light and cheerful at the end of the day, you should not wear something that is difficult for you to even move in. For example, high heels or overly tight things.

In general, if you want to like it, never give out this desire in appearance. Get dressed to work without claims, sexuality, playfulness, pretentiousness and fatovstva.