Hugo Boss trend for man

Модные тренды

15.01.19 11:34

Germans can make not only good cars, also they make very good clothes. Hugo Boss is a German manufacturer of fashionable clothes. The company began its way as a garment factory for the production and sewing of workwear. The first garment factory was established in 1923 by Hugo Ferdinand Boss. This company has a next history - it was engaged in the development and tailoring of uniforms for German soldiers, during the World War, forced laborers worked at the factory. In 2000, the company joined to the group “Memory, Responsibility, Future” under public pressure. Now she is participating in the payment of compensation to former bonded laborers.

Now Hugo Boss is one of the most famous fashion houses. The main shareholder of the company is Valentino Fashion Group. The general manager of the company is Bruno Zeltser. Designers of the company were: Andrea Canelloni, Carin Busnel, Werner Baldessarini, Bruno Peters, Jose Hung, Volker Kichele, Graham Black, Ayan AllenBart de Becker.

In the fashion industry, Hugo Boss is represented by several brands: BOSS and HUGO, each of which produces its own lines of clothing, accessories and perfumes. Brand directions:

Boss Orange. This is the direction created for unique men and women who naturally surprise others with a bold combination of details. Spontaneity, emotion and passion are the main words that can describe Boss Orange clothing.

Boss Black. The main focus is on the classic style. This is a business man's uniform - suits, shirts and jackets. Self-confidence, business chic, modernity and elegance are the main differences that distinguish a man in Boss Black clothing.

HUGO. The direction that is created for modern and informal residents of a big city. It was created in 1993 and immediately conquered its sharpness and unpredictability. These are clothes and perfume, combining both classic features and modern trends.

HUGO BOSS stores are located throughout Europe and are not inferior to anyone in a classic style. Practical and fashionable clothes - everyone who has come into the shop from HUGO BOSS will be able to find his own unique style there. Huge selection and excellent quality, in keeping with fashion - the only way BOSS stores are gaining popularity among buyers.

It is also worth noting the fact that the Boss Black direction has been gaining popularity among men for more than a year, since in the HUGO BOSS suit, each member of the stronger sex looks solid and elegant - every man likes this image.

A huge selection of clothing for office style is represented in the collections of Boss Orange and Hugo - only the best models and the highest German quality.