Fashionable colors 2019 from Pantone

Азбука цветов

20.12.18 14:25

Every season Pantone Color Institute makes a report "Fashion Color Trend Report" - a review of the colors at NY Fashion Week. Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report is an easily accessible guide to the most important color trends of the season.

This season, the report features 12 of the best colors, as well as four classic neutral colors.

Bright, not overwhelming, underlined shades illustrate our desire for the present and our constant need for creativity and design. Lively shades show the spring/summer history of 2019 for men's and women's fashion.

PANTONE 17-1564 Fiesta - this festive orange-red shade radiates energy, passion and excitement.

PANTONE 19-1862 Jester Red - adding depth and intensity Jester Red combines rich elegance with urbanism.

PANTONE 15-1264 Turmeric is a lively orange that infuses a hint of sharpness into the palette.

PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral - a friendly and lively shade.

PANTONE 18-2045 Pink Peacock - a real feast for your eyes.

PANTONE 17-0542 Pepper Stem - yellow-green Pepper Stem encourages our commitment to a healthy bounty of nature.

PANTONE 13-0850 Aspen Gold - oh shining our day, sunny Aspen Gold stimulates the feeling of joy and good mood.

PANTONE 19-4150 Princess Blue - a majestic royal blue tint.

PANTONE 18-1031 Toffee - in a bitty and irresistible shade.

PANTONE 15-0960 Mango Mojito - Yellow Mango Mojito nourishes our thirst for pleasant comfort.

PANTONE 18-0416 Terrarium Moss - conjures up thoughts of flourishing foliage and beauty in the natural world.

PANTONE 14-2808 Sweet Lilac - l Ascot lavender lilac quietly mesmerizing.