Emperador - so warm, thick, rich shades

Азбука цветов

03.01.19 14:25

You could say that Emperador color is monotonous and boring, like a school uniform. But Emperador have so warm and rich shade. He gains the upper hand traditionally in casual clothes and adorns the images of the millions of women who have chosen him. This may be a total bow or a slight accent in the form of a waistcoat or purse. Emerador shows all the severity of dress and, at the same time, gives charm and chic to your bow. This is the color with which you will not be taken for a naive girl.

Ideally, if Emerador has a glossy glow: in this case, it can be used as a mono-color and does not require add-ons. If you plan to collect a multi-colored suit, it is better to combine the shade with white, classic black, warm brown-red tones.

Emperador is a deep, warm, rich brown color. Luxurious and delicious chocolate Emperador, brings to the palette of spring-summer 2018 solidity, depth and strength. This shade is perfect for the “Autumn” color type. It looks great in leather, velor, velvet. Wear it in combination with muted shades of blue, green, gray, orange and red.

Emerador is constantly involved in the autumn-winter collections. And in 2018 it is one of the most popular shades according to the Pantone version.