Arcadia - clean, cool bluish green

Азбука цветов

01.01.19 14:25

In summer time you want coolness and cold lemonade, extremely hot days never let you do it. I would like an autumn-spring chill, return to spring, when the weather only whispered. There is no need to complicate anything, it is possible to create spring weather and mood in the soul and wardrobe - you just need to supplement your images with new shades and colors. This is one of the most trendy shades according to the Pantone color institute in the spring-summer 2018 season.

Arcadia is a shade that combines the “taste” of retro-style and modernity; it is a refreshing, tender and noble color. It gives a new view of green: stylish and fresh, with a barely noticeable bluish undertone, it will add newness to the traditional green color, make it lighter, more weightless.

The executive director of Pantone, Leatris Eisman, says that Arkady is one of the symbols of the coming changes, which symbolizes both strength and tenderness, helps to feel youth and good spirits to the ends of the hair.

The color of the Arcadia is a pure green tone from which blows coolness, it gives a novelty to your style in an interesting and elegant way. It combines green and blue hues, which gives this color a special depth. It is cold and pure, due to which it simultaneously reminds of the coolness of tropical forests and the depth of sea waters.

The shade of green Arcadia will look more harmonious in its total performance. It is also easily combined and perfectly combined with all the colors of the Pantone spring palette. The best shade of Arcadia will look with light gray and yellow, for example, with bright, juicy and fresh Oriole and trendy gray Fog Harbor in the upcoming season.